If you have been matched betting with Profit Accumulator or Profit Squirrel then you should seriously consider moving over to OddsMonkey.  They offer more software and are cheaper than their rivals. It is my opinion that this is where you should sign up. The extra place matcher is something that neither of the others have and it has the potential to make you a lot of money.

Extra place races are on every day but there are usually loads when Cheltenham is on and that is just around the corner now. OddsmOnkey also offer an integrated profit tracker so you can keep tabs on all the money you are making really easily. Throw away that dusty old spreadsheet and notepad because they are no longer needed.

Matched betting still has the potential to make you a load of money but only if you are using the best range of tools available. That is only available in one place. There are also deals in place with Smrkets and Betfair that offer you a lower percentage commission if you are a premium member making you membership with OM even more valuable.

Check out this video

This is a real life story of one mans matched betting journey and how it changed his life. This story is pretty similar to my own and if I hadn’t discovered matched betting I would probably still be stuck in one of lifes ruts with not much money coming in and the depression that causes. Matched betting really was a game changer for me and it could be for you.